Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of where your business is at or obtaining the tools to drive growth in profit or improve cashflow? If you are we can assist with various levels of business advisory.

Our services in this area include:

  • Management Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Forecasting


By arming you with information and analysing the numbers with you, insights can be gained to allow you to set business goals to improve your financial outcomes. For example would you like to know what impact a percentage increase in your prices would have on your profit in advance? Or would you like to know what impact an increase in your sales volume would have, or would you like to explore different ways a target cashflow or profit increase could be achieved. We are able to deliver this to you so you are armed with the tools to break down your business goals and make them achievable.

For example if you were seeking a $100,000 increase in cashflow, how do you achieve that? We can break this down into the different drivers. We can look at increase in price, but the question is how much are price increases going to increase cashflow? We can show you this. We can also factor in what impact multiple other factors will have such as increases in volume of sales from new customers or additional sales to existing customers, changes in various costs, we can even factor in possible impacts from loss of existing customers due to price increases. All this information arms you with confidence and direction moving forward with where you need to aim to improve your profit and cash flow.

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Cash flow is crucial to the operation of any business and it is important to plan ahead in this regard. The preparation of a cash flow forecast will allow you to plan ahead in advance for any periods where cash flow will be in deficit or surplus. If you are equipped with the information in advance of requiring finance, things should run more smoothly. If you find you currently require finance, a cash flow projection should strengthen your case for obtaining finance, as it will show your ability to service the proposed debt while also showing financial management and control.


Whether you are a new business starting out, trying to obtain finance, or an existing business looking to obtain finance to expand, a business plan can be a true asset to have. We can assist you in compiling a business plan. You can gain a great deal from the process of thinking critically about your business and can gain insight into your market and get a deeper understanding of the details of running your own business. We will work with you to prepare the financial forecasts for inclusion in the plan and can compile the final product using information you have supplied after our discussions. A business plan will generally be a pre-requisite to obtaining finance for a new business starting out. It is important to remember that a business plan should not be a document that is prepared on a one off basis, and we encourage you to amend your business plan regularly in the future as your business grows, changes, finds new opportunities and faces new challenges.


Business budgets are an important part of the planning process as they will forecast the profitability of a business and can help in identifying loss making activities early on and where money is being unnecessarily spent. In good times when there is lots of income it is often easy for businesses to ignore this kind of expenditure, but when things are tighter it becomes more crucial to identify early on where the business can be run more financially efficient. In times of expansion it is also particularly important to scrutinise the budget to be aware of what additional costs will be incurred to carry out additional activities. Business budgets can also assist in identifying break even points of production and the effect on profits from increases and decreases in sales.


We are passionate about ensuring our clients have the best possible business structure in place for their circumstances, taking into account the personal circumstances, goals and aspirations of the individuals involved to achieve best tax effect and personal wealth.

Come in and speak to us if you are concerned about the structure you currently operate under, if you would like to refine the structure to better reflect your personal circumstances, or if you simply don’t understand the structure you currently operate under. Tax planning is also an area where we can help to assist in ensuring your taxation obligations are managed appropriately, and that sufficient consideration is given to your retirement planning.

Although we do not arrange loans personally, we can arrange a time for you to meet one of our business affiliates to ensure that you are given the best advice possible to meet this aspect of your financing needs from a trusted advisor.